Event Project Management

We specialize in assisting you with the creation, management and delivery of your events through Event Project Management. With one of our experienced event planners as your single point of contact we can manage all elements of your event, working as your daily liaison and expert event project manager. From finding your venue and generating event concepts right through to the on-site delivery and post-event reconciliation, our aim is to take the pressure off you, leaving you with more time and less stress, whilst we manage your logistics.

We are flexible and collaborative. We can be as involved as you wish, taking on either all or only specific elements of the planning process. We pride ourselves on our initiative and attention to detail, ensuring we always come to you with answers and solutions, never a problem.
  • Day-to-day management
  • Project planning
  • Budget management
  • Logistics
  • Venue & supplier liaison
  • Contract handling & negotiation
  • Food & beverage
  • On-site delivery
  • Bill handling

If you’re looking for a highly experienced and trustworthy team to manage your event, AW Events Pakistan are the right team for you.