How to Plan a Dholki Event in Weddings?

How to Plan a Dholki Event in Weddings?

This blog is all about making your Mehndi Event memorable with tips on “How to Plan a Dholki Event in Weddings?”.

Wedding planning is equally thrilling and fun to the wedding celebration. Planning entails lengthy, never-ending conversations until a date is set. Even when focused on the tiniest details, some things are missed.

Nowadays, marriage is planned and celebrated in uncountable ways in the whole world. This practice has also been increasing rapidly. The list of functions is extensive, and dholki is one of them.

These are traditionally terms and celebrations, but they are now observed in many parts of the Worldf as Pakistais are almost in every country on the globe. But wait a minute, are you one of those couples for whom planning their wedding becomes a strenuous task?

Well, if you are worried about planning side festivities such as dholki or bridal showers, which are not included in the main day but still require detailed planning, we can help you through it all. And believe us, these events will be as remarkable as any other wedding celebration.

Dholki is basically a home-based celebration in which relatives and friends get together, sing songs, practice dances for the wedding, and so on. Usually, no specific planning is required for it.

However, you still need to manage a few things, i.e., menu, décor, lighting, etc., if you are going to have guests at home. So, here are some creative suggestions that can help you make your ‘Dholki’ celebrations rememberable and appreciable.


The key expression of the entire event is the artwork. With a simple stage embellished with fairy lights, you might go for an adorable and stylish floral décor. You can build seating arrangements with round cushions so that everybody can enjoy the dholak when it is playing. On the backdrop, you can put neon signage for more beautification.


may believe that lighting is part of the decor, but lighting is an extremely important aspect of any event’s arrangements. So, it must look well regardless of the décor. You can use several colors of fair light on the main stage area or anywhere else in the house, such as the stairs, gallery, or you can also put these lights in real flowers. Once you do this, your home will definitely give wedding vibes even before it is started.


Nowadays, photography is regarded as one of the most crucial factors of a wedding because it is what we will have to look back on in years to come. It is for this reason that photography must be excellent and well-planned. There are numerous photographers that you can hire on the budget in Los Angeles who provide excellent services at a reasonable cost. So don’t compromise on that at your dholki and get someone admirable for your Wedding Videography.


Well, theme colors are really popular these days in all types of weddings, whether it’s a Muslim or non-Muslim wedding. If you’re planning a dholki event, choosing a theme color can enhance its richness for sure. For example, yellow, orange, and green are commonly used on dholki and mayoun events. The combination of these colors can also be used occasionally. Dholkis are the household parties that occur continuously for multiple days until the big day arrives. Thus, to change them a bit, you can choose different colors as themes every day.


When preparing a dholki in Los Angeles, you must look for a perfect venue that is both affordable and trendy for a dholki celebration. Most likely, you can also host this event at your home because dholki is not the main show, and it mainly includes close friends. But you can also rent a guesthouse or a hall if you don’t want a messy home. But messy home is what portrays a wedding, isn’t it?


When we talk about the dholki’s guest list, you must be quite specific. Inviting your closest relatives and friends is a good idea. A dholki event is traditionally regarded to be a close family affair where your friends can prepare dances, enjoy food, and party without any worries.


For dholki, you should stick to a one-dish meal. Any food dish that is appreciated by the majority of people will be a good choice. This is because Dholki is a simple event, and keeping it that way will look good. Plus, you would not want to end your money on lavish food menus on multiple days, even before your wedding arrives.


A few fun activities can be included in the occasion. For example, a song competition in which two sides compete against each other and come up with enjoyable songs. Dholki nights are usually fun and pleasurable because of such activities. Not only do the guests appreciate these, but you can also take part in them and enjoy your best days to the fullest. Moreover, people organize different activities like musical nights or fun little games at weddings just to have fun, you can do that too.


You can devote a section of the dholak performance to dedicating songs to family members and friends. It is usually the most loved and admired fun activity people do. Dedicating songs to is fun, enjoyable, and cherished too. So, don’t forget to add it to your preparations list.


On your Dholki Day, you can also have a firework display. In the Los Angeles common market, there are a variety of fireworks that are both magnificent and unusual. Just be a bit careful if you decide to use them. Plus, you also need to ensure that your government allows their use (because it doesn’t allow it at certain places due to security reasons). Plus, using sparklers is a great option for this. They are enjoyable, however, you need to be alert while dealing with them. Moreover, when executing things in the residential region, you must also consider the people’s safety and comfort.

You can also invite some local artists or bands to perform at your dholki celebration. It will offer a new dimension to your event as these segments in wedding celebrations are really appreciated. Also, if you live in the US, you can simply locate any local brand that will play for you at a low cost, and your event will be spiced up with this addition. To amaze the guests, retain this as a surprise entry for them at the end of the function.

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